Vitamin A


Effects of Vitamin A on Pregnancy
Supplementation with vitamin A during pregnancy, especially in cases of night blindness can be extremely beneficial for the mother.

Improved Immune Response
This study showed a heightened immune response (better cold fighting power) when patients were taking Vitamin A.

Benefits of Vitamin A for HIV Positive Women
HIV Positive men and women can benefit from supplementation. Here's why.

Supplementing Newborns with Vitamin A
11,000 newborns were given a supplement during their first few days of life, and their mortality (death) rate was lower than the placebo group.

Vitamins A and E for Improved Laser Eye Surgery Recovery
LASIK is one of the popular laser vision correction procedures, and evidence is mounting that Vitamin A can help speed recovery from this process.

Vision Complications and Vitamin A
Vitamin A can be thought of as the "sight" vitamin, because of its positive effects on sight and the eye. Learn how it helped the eye in this study.

Night Blindness and Vision Problems
Low levels can lead to night blindness and eventual vision problems, as this study showed.

Supplementation and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
This study showed there may be a link between low levels and SIDS and a further relationship between high levels and a reduced risk for SIDS.

Reducing Infant Mortality with Vitamin A
SIDS and other early childhood diseases can unexpectedly kill a child. This study showed a decline in the infant mortality when the child had adequate levels of vitamin a.

Improved Growth and Reduced Infection
The results of this study indicated that supplementation had a marked benefit for growth in children and reduced rates of infection.

Reducing Cellulite
Topical vitamin A seemed to help improve the appearance of the skin in the test group that applied vitamin a to spots with cellulite.

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