Vitamin B3

Helps Lighten Skin.

Clinical Study Title:
The effect of niacinamide on reducing cutaneous pigmentation and suppression of melanosome transfer.

Plain English Summary:
Skin pigmentation problems can occur across a multitude of races and conditions. There are also many theorized ways to help to lighten up and make skin pigment toned and equal. Niacinamide was studied to determine its effectiveness on melanogenesis and also on hyperpigmentation. A total of 18 people with hyperpigmentation conditions were given a niacinamde cream with a moisturizer. Antoher 120 participatns were given two of three treatments available. The changes in pigmentation were rated by an objective computer. The niacinamide was able to inhibit the melansome transfer. Those participants using the niacinamide cream in addition to the moisturizer had a significant lightening of their skin over a month of use. The cream of niacinamide helps to lighten skin for individual with pigmentation problems.
Hakozaki T. Minwalla L. Zhuang J. Chhoa M. Matsubara A. Miyamoto K. Greatens A. Hillebrand GG. Bissett DL. Boissy RE.
Research & Development Department, Procter & Gamble Far East, Inc., Kobe Technical Center 7F, Naka 1-17, Koyo-cho, Higashinada-ku, Japan.
Country of Publication
British Journal of Dermatology. 147(1):20-31, 2002 Jul.

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