Vitamin E

Bladder Cancer Risk.

Clinical Study Title:
Vitamin C and vitamin E supplement use and bladder cancer mortality in a large cohort of US men and women.

Plain English Summary:
This study looks at the use of vitamin C versus vitamin E in helping to reduce the risk of bladder cancer. Participants were interviewed about their dietary intake, and then followed over the years. The use of vitamin C was not associated with bladder cancer. However, the continued use of vitamin E supplements over the years was associated with a lowered risk of bladder cancer. This suggests that a daily supplement of vitamin E can help to protect against bladder cancer.
Jacobs EJ. Henion AK. Briggs PJ. Connell CJ. McCullough ML. Jonas CR. Rodriguez C. Calle EE. Thun MJ.
Department of Epidemiology and Surveillance Research, American Cancer Society
Country of Publication
United States
American Journal of Epidemiology. 156(11):1002-10, 2002 Dec 1.

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