Research, Benefits and Cautions.

Pregnenolone is utilized by the body to produce steroids. It elevates estrogen and testosterone levels in the body. It is a precursor to Dehydropinandrosterone (DHEA). A majority of research performed has been on animals, and has not been thoroughly examined as yet for use in humans. Studies are continuously being conducted to find more definite answers on its effects on aging and memory.

How This Supplement Works in Your Body:
There are no proven effects on the body
May aid in memory retention
May decrease the effects of aging
May assist in treating spinal cord injury when used in conjunction with anti-inflammatory agents
May reduce inflammation associated with arthritis

How to Use:
Follow instructions provided by manufacturer or consult with your physician or pharmacist.
Dosage varies among different brands

Available as:

Don't take if you:
Are allergic to pregnenolone
Have a history of cancer in your family or a hormone-dependent cancer

Consult your doctor if you:
Experience any health problems
Are allergic to any medication, food or other substances

Over the age of 55:
Lower doses are recommended until a reaction is determined

Consult with your physician to determine if any benefits of taking pregnenolone outweigh the risk to your unborn child. Since pregnenolone is not regulated by the FDA, the risk to an unborn child is unknown.

Whether pregnenolone passes into milk is unknown. Consult your physician before taking pregnenolone.

Infants and Children:
It is hazardous to treat infants and children under 2 with any supplement.

Keep in a cool and dry location and away from direct light, but do not freeze.
Keep safely away from children.
Do not keep in bathroom medicine cabinet. Heat and dampness may alter the action of the supplement.

Safe dosage:
Pregnenolone, as a product, is marketed as a dietary supplement.
Optimal dosage amounts are unknown. Use caution when taking this drug. Pregnenolone has not been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to determine its effectiveness and safety. Hormone supplements may cause different effects on the body than do naturally produced hormones, because the body processes them differently. An increase in amount of supplements taken can result in higher levels of hormones in the blood than are healthy.

Information on the comparative-toxicity rating cannot be found in standard references.

Side Effects:
Signs and symptoms: What to do:
Infrequent: In women--facial hair growth (Hirsutism) : Discontinue use. Call your physician when convenient.
In men--breast enlargement : Discontinue use. Call your physician when convenient.


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