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The most comprehensive online database of vitamin research available.

We have gathered hundreds of published research on vitamins and presented them to you in plain English. See what the latest clinical research says about your favorite vitamins and the positive impact that vitamins have on disease prevention.

Thousands of new discoveries are made every single day, and you had better believe that no doctor has the time to keep up with all of the latest research, especially if they are a general practitioner and need to know about all of the body's systems and keep up with what the latest drug reports are. Who has time to read up on vitamins? Also keep in mind - no drug rep will ever visit a doctor to sell them a vitamin. There just isnt any money in it. That doesn't make vitamins any less valuable though. If nothing else, vitamins are one of the most beneficial supplements you could take. Literally hundreds of thousands of clinical studies on vitamins have been published, and the benefits of vitamins should not be ignored simply because nobody is directly selling them to you.

While a great many medical professionals read this site for information, we have "translated" every single of the hundreds of medical studies you see here into plain english so that the general public can - for the first time - be introduced to the latest cutting edge research that our world has discovered. With the power of the Internet, and the work of scores of people, this information is available to you completely free of charge.

Instead of wading through extremely thick and almost unintelligible clinical studies, or waiting ten or more years for research findings to reach your doctors office, take a look at what medical science has discovered now about your favorite vitamins and supplements. Feel free to print these out and show them to your medical professional, and ask them to do their own research. They may even learn a thing or two they did not know before. Remember, doctors are generally taught how to treat diseases with drugs (disease --> treatment) and they know the basics about vitamins, but they may not be aware of the powerful preventative effects that vitamins have on the body. Why would they, when they barely have enough time to see their patients in between their family life and visits with drug reps?

Try this the next time you are with your doctor. Ask them if they are aware of a strong link between high doses of vitamin C and vitamin E and a highly decreased incidence (occurrence) of Alzheimer Disease? If yours does, then you should be thankful that your doctor is more on top of things than most. Many doctor's simply don't know. Don't let what they do not know hurt your body. Afterall, nobody else looks out for your well-being as much as you do.

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