Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Research, Benefits and Cautions.

Vitamin B-2, otherwise known as riboflavin, is readily absorbed from foods, such as meat, dairy products, and fortified grains. This vitamin is essential to energy generation, nerve development, blood cell development, and the regulation of certain hormones.

How This Vitamin Works in Your Body:
Releasing food energy
Normal growth and development
Keeps healthy mucous membranes linings together with vitamin A
Keeps healthy brain and nervous system, skin, hair, and blood cells
Essential for iron, pyridoxine, and niacin functions
Could increase growth of body during development stages
Potential treatment for cheilitis

The following may benefit from this supplement:
People with needed nutritional supplements
Pregnant or breastfeeding women
Substance abusers
People with excess stress or who have undergone recent surgery
Hyperthyroidism sufferers
Participants in vigorous physical activity

Where This Vitamin is Found:
Beef liver
Dairy products
Enriched breads
Fortified cereals
Mixed vegetables
Wheat germ

How to Use:
Available as:
Liquid: the best form due to its high bioavailability and fast absorption. Always choose liquid as your first choice when supplementing your diet.

Tablets: available

Recommended Daily Intakes
Men: 1.3 mg
Women: 1.1 mg
Pregnancy: 1.4 mg
Lactation: 1.6 mg

Consult your doctor if you have:
Are or planning to be pregnant.

Over 55:
Increased need for riboflavin.

Keep within DRI.

Keep within DRI.

Heat and/or moisture may alter the vitamin. Refrigeration is recommended.

Symptoms of Deficiency:
Symptoms include red, swollen, cracked mouth and tongue; fatigue; depression; anemia; and greasy, scaly skin. The formation of cataracts may be a result of this vitamin deficiency.

Signs of Overdose:
None expected in individuals with normal kidney functioning. However, in rare cases, symptoms may be itching, numbness, a burning sensation, or light sensitivity.

Side Effects:
Reaction or effect : What to do
Yellow urine (in large doses) : No needed action.


Interacts with : Combined effect
Antidepressants (tricyclic) : Reduces B-2 efficacy.
Phenothiazines : Reduces B-2 efficacy.
Probenecid : Reduces B-2 efficacy.
Alcohol/Tobacco products : Reduces B-2 efficacy.


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