Vitamin B1

Research that discusses the benefits of Vitamin B1.

Thiamine Deficiency in the Elderly
The elderly are particularly at risk for low levels of vitamin b1.

Thiamine Treatment for Autism
This study suggests that autism can be helped with thiamine supplementation.

Vitamin B1 Helps Reduce Menstrual Cramps
Women who took vitamin b1 saw a decreased amount of menstrual cramps.

Thiamine and Renal Disease
Thiamine has been demonstrated to protect against uremia and other renal diseases.

Heart Failure due to Thiamine Deficiency
Thiamine supplementation should be considered in most patients who present with any form of heart failure or acidosis.

Effects of Physical Activity on Thiamine Levels
Because of the effects of exercise, a daily multivitamin supplement containing Vitamin B1, B6 and especially Vitamin B2 are suggested for active individuals.

Thiamine Supplements For Improving Memory
This clinical study suggests that thiamine does have an effect on the memory systems of the brain.

Thiamine Deficiency and Brain Swelling
his study suggests that for diseases such as renal disease, a thiamine supplements should be administered.

Using Thiamine to reduce post-ECT Confusion
The use of thiamine supplements then is a good alternative therapy to aid in the cognitive decline after ECT, and they do not have the adverse side effects of other treatments.

Thiamine : Brain Disorder
A case study done on a patient who had a certain type of swelling of the brain (hyperemsis gravidarum), which was resolved with thiamine supplementation.

Thiamine Supplements and Alcoholism
Thiamine deficiency plays a role in psychological problems related to alcoholism. A thiamine supplement is effective at helping to correct these psychological issues.

Thiamine Supplements and Brain Swelling
Thiamine supplementation should be administered to anyone showing signs of Wernicke's encephalopathy. and is a safe treatment for this disorder.

Thiamine in the Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy
Those patients taking the thiamine supplements reported a marked improvement over the other group in terms of pain and severity of symptoms.

Vitamin B1 Cures Beriberi
When situations allow for the development of beriberi, thiamine supplementation should be considered a first line of defense.

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