Vitamin B5

Comprehensive Research on Vitamin B5.

American Diet Inadequate in Vitamin B5
50% of people don't get enough vitamin B5 in their diet.

Vitamin B5 : Effective Treatment for Rhinitis
Dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5) is a safe and effective treatment for rhinitis.

Vitamin B5 for Wound Healing
A more varied or complete multivitamin may provide an increase in healing.

Vitamin B5 : Absorption Methods
Oral forms may be easier to use and much more effective than topical forms.

The Role of Vitamin B5 in Colitis
There is a relationship then between lower levels of vitamin B5 in the body and the development of chronic ulcerative granulomatous colitis.

Vitamin B5 Boosts Immune System
The vitamin B5 supplementation provides extra immune system functioning as well as an overall improvement in their ability to deal with the disease.

Vitamin B5 Keeps Skin Healthy
The vitamin B5 supplementation reduced water loss through the skin and helped maintain skin health.

Vitamin B5 Helps Treat Rhinitis
Vitamin B5 can have an added benefit to the treatment of rhinitis.

Constipation Treatment with Vitamin B5
The use of vitamin B5 helps relieve constipation for all age groups.

Lubricating Dry Eyes with Vitamin B5
The use of vitamin B5 is beneficial in aiding treatment of eye permeability.

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