Vitamin C

Comprehensive Research.

Vitamin C Benefits Cholesterol Levels
Vitamin C used together with Vitamin E can provide benefits from diseases of the heart, including cholesterol levels.

Vitamin C Deficiency on Pregnancy
A daily vitamin C supplement can reduce the risk of complications during child birth in pregnant women, namely in premature deliver.

Vitamin C for Dental Health
A supplement containing vitmain C and many B-vitamins can greatly reduce the symptoms of peridontal disease.

Vitamin C in the Development of Cataracts
Elderly women can experience reduced risk of developing cataracts and carotenoids by taking vitamin C.

Vitamin C Supplements Improve Endothelial Functioning
A daily vitamin C supplement can help improve endothelial functions and thus maintain healthy functioning of the heart, particularly in people who already have coronary artery disease.

Vitamin C and Coronary Heart Disease
The relationship between vitamin C intake and coronary heart disease, in women who contracted the disease, suggests that taking a vitamin C supplement can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Vitamin C and Heart Failure
The use of vitamin C and alpha-tocopherol in already ill people can reduce the risk of dieing from heart or organ failrure.

Vitamin C Supplements Improve Heart and Lung
Heart and lung functioning can be improved by taking a vitamin C supplement, while overall functioning can be improved in people who smoke.

Vitamin C Improves Concentration
Vitamin C can improve the levels of glutathione, which is associated with reducing the risk of many chronic diseases in the body.

Vitamin C and Improvement in the Number of Cells
Early administration of Vitamin C can kill off malignant cells in the body and help treat prostate cancer.

Vitamin C and Vitamin K in Cancer Cell Death
Taking Vitamins C and K together, in the early stages of cancer treatment, increases the likelyhood of destroying cancerous cells.

Vitamin C on Lipid Levels in the Blood
Taking a dialy supplement of any combination of vitamin C and vitamin E can reduce the lipid levels in the blood, thus aiding in the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Vitamin C and Treatment for Meniere's Disease
A daily oral supplement of vitamin C can serve as an effective treatment of Meniere's disease.

Vitamin C use Prevents Common Cold
This study suggests that a daily suipplement containing vitamin C could prevent the common cold or reduce the healing time.

Vitamin C Supplementation on Type II Diabetes
People with type II diabetes have an increased risk of high blood pressues. This study suggests that taking a vitamin C supplement can decrease blood pressure in people with type II diabetes.

Vitamin C and the Effects on Dementia
A study conducted on older men suggests that a supplement containing viamin C and vitamin E can reduce vascular dementia and increase levels of cognitive functioning.

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