Vitamin D


Vitamin D in Low Back Pain
Taking a vitamin D supplement can relieve lower back pain and alleviate a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D Therapy on Bone Disorders
This study suggests that taking a vitamin D supplement after a gastrectomy is important in preventing bone disorders.

Vitamin D on Multiple Bone Fractures
Fractured bones are common among those suffering from cerebral palsy. A study conducted at a residential care facility suggests that taking a vitamin D supplement can reduce the occurrence of bone fractures.

Vitamin D to Prevent Bone Loss
Vitamin D is as good as etdronte in reducing bone loss after a heart and/or lung transplant.

Calcium, Vitamin D, and Nutrition in Elderly Adults
This study suggests that a mulitvitamin, containing vitamin D, should be taken to receive the nutrients necessary to balance a diet low in minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Vitamin D and Calcium for Older Women
Taking a vitamin D and calcium supplement is a cost effective way to reduce fractures and maintain health, particularly in older women.

Vitamin D Deficiency in the Development of Rickets
A vitamin D supplement may be necessary for the treatment of rickets in adolescents.

Vitamin D Supplement on the Fracture Rate
Among individuals over 65, bone fractures and their severity may be reduced by taking a vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin D Helps Maintain Health
A supplement containing vitamin D and calcium may be necessary to alleivate deficiencies in older adults.

Vitamin D Maintained Better Muscle Volume
Anabolic steroids taken with calcium and vitamin D can help in the recovery and maintenance of bone integrity after a fracture.

Vitamin D in Older Women
A vitamin D suppplement taken with calcium can provide more benefits for older women suffering from osteoporosis than a calcium supplement alone.

Vitamin D for Patients With Cancer
This study suggest that cacitrol is a safe and effective supplement for cancer patients and can provide many benefits.

Vitamin D Regulation of Cancer Growth
A form of vitamin D in the cells has a receptor that stops the growth of unwanted cells. Many of these receptors, whch are located in the mammary glands of the breast, can potentially play a role in preventing breast cancer.

Vitamin D Supplementation on Adolescent Girls
Due to the lack of sunlight in non summer months, adolescent girls should consider a vitamin D supplement because of the increased risk of vitmain D deficiency.

Vitamin D Supplements for Older Adults
Vitamin D taken with other vitamins can provide many positive benefits.

Vitamin D to Help Reduce Thyroid Removal
Vitamin D and calcium taken together can help control adverse reactions after thyroid removal and aid in the healing process.

Vitamin D Used by Most Parts of the Body
A vitamin D supplement can improve the symptoms of many chronic disorders, including osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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