Chondroitin Sulfacte

Research, Benefits and Cautions.


Chondroitin Sulfate is found in the cartilage, bone, and connective tissues of most mammals. Studies have shown that Chondroitin Sulfate aids joint health by helping to rebuild damaged cartilage. Sulfate, a form of sulfur, is an essential nutrient necessary for the stabilization of connective tissue.

How This Supplement Works in Your Body:
There are no proven effects on the body.
May decrease cholesterol levels
May lengthen the clotting time
May reduce urine acid levels associated with gout
Anti-inflammatory effects may diminish osteoarthritis symptoms (generally taken with glucosamine for better results)

How to Use:
It is available in liquid or capsule form. Liquid is the best form due to its high bioavailability and fast absorption. Always choose liquid as your first choice when supplementing your diet.

Don't take if you:
Experience bleeding problems
Are pregnant, there is a possibility you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant in the future.

Consult your doctor if you take:
Any medicinal drugs or herbs including aspirin, laxatives, cold and cough remedies, antacids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, supplements, other prescription or nonprescription drugs

Do not use unless instructed by your doctor.

Do not use unless instructed by your doctor.

Infants and Children:
It is hazardous to treat infants and children under 2 with any supplement.

No precautions if you are beyond childhood and under 45, basically healthy and take for only a short time.

Keep in a cool and dry location away from direct light, but do not freeze.
Keep safely away from children.
Do not keep in bathroom medicine cabinet. Heat and dampness may alter the action of the supplement.


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