Vitamin B3

Niacin Research.

Vitamin B3 Better than Nitroglycerin
According to this study, Vitamin B3 has a better effect for heart patients than traditional nitroglycerin.

Vitamin B3 Aids Minor Heart Attacks
Nicorandil can help in the recovery after an acute heart attack.

Niacin has a Protective Effect on the Heart
Vitamin B3 and Niacin supplementations are a good treatment to help alleviate problems due to angina.

Vitamin B3 as a Heart Disease Treatment
The daily use of nicorandil has been associated with a more improved treatment for heart disease.

Niacin Helps to Lower Cholesterol
The use of niacin as an additive to cholesterol lowering medicines has a beneficial effect.

Vitamin B3 Beneficial for the Heart
Nicorandil has been proven to be beneficial to the heart.

Vitamin B3 Helps Protect the Heart
Vitamin B3 has a protective effect on the heart for patients with heart disease.

Niacin for LDL Cholesterol Levels
Vitamin B3 has a very positive effect on cholesterol levels, especially for diabetics.

Niacin Treatment of Cholesterol Levels
Niacin has a protective effect for the heart with respect to helping to manage cholesterol levels.

Niacin Helps Patients with Dyslipidemia
Niacin added a positive contribution to 814 patients with Dyslipidemia.

Niacin Therapy for Dyslipidemia
Niacin is a powerful agent for cholesterol and dyslipidemia.

Nacinamide Helps to Lighten Skin
Vitamin B3 helps to lighten skin for individual with pigmentation problems.

Vitamin B3 Aids Recovery from Anesthesia
Nicorandil can aid in neuromuscular block recovery associated with anesthesia.

Vitamin B3 Improves Heart Functioning
Vitamin B3 is useful for improved heart functioning and recovery.

Vitamin B3 Aids Bypass Surgery
Vitamin B3 has a protective effect on the function of the heart during and after heart bypass surgery.

Vitamin B3 Has Positive Effects on Asthma
This study suggests that vitamin b3 does have a positive effect on asthma.

Vitamin B3 Works as Well as Enalapril
Vitamin B3, is at least equal to the drug enalapril if not better.

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